Writer. Speaker. Attorney. Teacher.

About Brita

Hi, I’m Brita Long and I am an attorney who help other attorneys live a simpler, more authentic, and fulfilling life through teaching what I know. And when I say “know” I mean up, down, left, right and center.

In 2018 I began writing my first book and found that I loved writing, speaking and teaching. So, after over 22 years of practicing law I wound down my practice and started writing and teaching full time.

Brita Long - Writer. Speaker. Attorney. Teacher

I Know Flat Fees

I know flat fees. I used flat fees for well over a decade, including in family law litigation. As with anything new there were issues. I made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. I addressed the issues, learned from them, and developed a method in which I never worked over 25 hrs a week and still brought in 35k + a month. Had I wanted to work 40+ hrs a week or more my income as a solo practitioner could have easily topped over a million a year.

With some simple strategies and to do’s, you can start getting paid for your judgment, your knowledge, and your superior work product, not how many hours you spend drafting a pleading. You will be able to leverage your experience to make more money than you have dreamed possible without working ½ of what you are used to working. No more working in the evenings or on the weekends, unless you really want to.

Through my YouTube channel, video course, and my speaking engagements, I teach attorneys how to successfully charge flat fees instead of hourly rates, even in litigation. My work will help you increase your profits, decrease your time at the office, and give you a life worth living.

I am an AV rated attorney who has been practicing since 1997 and am licensed in both Washington State and Texas. I have had my own practice since 2000. I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. I currently live in Austin Texas with my dog Bear.

As far as what you can expect from me, I tell it like it is, swear every now and again, and at times will challenge people to dig deeper and keep things simple. I post new videos every Tuesday.

Other Random Details

My name is Brita, which is pronounced like Rita with a B in the front. It is not pronounced like the Brita water filter. It is Swedish and was my great and great, great grandmother’s name.

I was a litigator so yes; I have a low-level General Anxiety Disorder.
I have three adult sons, one of whom is in law school.

I love letterpress.

I lived in a remote area in the Philippines for a year when I was ten.

Although I lived in the Seattle area for two decades and for nine of those within a mile of the Starbucks headquarters, I don’t like coffee or salmon. I do love good solid black tea. I don’t mess around with sissy tea. Give me Earl Grey please.

Paris is my favorite city in the entire world.

Yes, my mouth has gotten me in trouble.

My goal is to grow my work so that I can give away the majority of what I earn.

You can find me by the contact link below, on Facebook or on my YouTube Chanel. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for new episodes every Tuesday.

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