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I have risen from total ashes in my life several times, and each time I am better as a result.

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I’ve done the work and continue to do it every single day.

I am living a life that I couldn’t have imagined years ago. One that fits me. One in which I am not comparing myself to other people’s lives.

I have had the courage to get real with myself and make the investment of untold hours, a crap ton of money, and done the work to address my issues, heal and grow.


Yeah, I’ve done some things...

Let's work together to uncover your true self, address lingering issues, and pave the way for a life that aligns perfectly with who you are.

None of the above is a reason to pay attention to me, much less work with me.

Here is why it might benefit you to listen to me or work with me.

I have risen from total ashes in my life several times, and each time I am better as a result.

I have courage in spades.

Yes, I feel fear, and I do the things anyway.

I don’t stay down.

I have been knocked down countless times in life, and I always get back up.

I’ve gotten over the hurdle of “stuffitice”; drinking more wine than I wanted to be drinking; the resistance to doing things I didn’t want to do.

I can honestly say I love myself, treat myself fairly well and am generally kind to myself. This after most of my life being a total asshole to myself.

I now have healthy boundaries with other people.

I have eliminated toxic people from my life who were not good for me to be around.

I am able to protect myself.

I am self-disciplined without being a jerk to myself or punitive.

I have healed my relationship with key members of my family.

I have changed my career and have work that I love, makes a huge impact for others, provides a great living for myself and fits me.

I am able to recognize, fairly quickly, when I am not being honest with myself.

I have created a life in which, for the most part, I am content, at peace, and really happy.

I have an ability to read people very well.

What others are saying…

Brita has helped me tremendously with my obsession of having too many jobs. During the weekly calls, we identified where this issue likely stemmed from and worked through it. She’s helped me realize how valuable my time and services are and I have begun to charge clients accordingly. Most importantly, Brita has done a fantastic job with assisting me in overcoming my fears and I am now working in my own firm full time.
Brita makes you look at your own stuff and how those issues are affecting you in your daily life.
I am really feeling good about life. And so grateful to your and your group for showing me my work life doesn’t have to suck the life out of me and make me cry.
I hated practicing law. I was looking to transition to another career. However, after working with Brita, I learned that it wasn’t the actual practice of law that I hated. I didn’t like the area of law that I was practicing in. Brita helped me narrow down my focus and learn what exactly I enjoy when it comes to working with clients and guided me with shifting my focus. Brita is brutally honest, open and knowledgeable. I enjoy getting up and working with my clients everyday. I highly recommend Brita for business and career coaching. Thanks to her, I am pursuing my passion and making money while I do it.

All that I have done for my life I can help you achieve as well.

Create a life that fits you. One that meets your needs, in which you are content, peaceful and life fits you like a glove.

Unlock Your Best Self Every Day!

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I'm Brita

I’m thrilled you’ve found your way to my corner of the internet. If you’re here, it means you’re searching for something more in life, something that truly resonates with your innermost desires and ambitions. I’m here to help you navigate that journey.