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Private coaching is available to individuals who would like to explore how identifying or addressing any particular area of their life.

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Brita Long - Writer. Speaker. Attorney. Teacher
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Why should you consider coaching?

Because we lie to ourselves all of the time and it is incredibly powerful to have someone lovingly, but firmly question our assumptions and reality.

Because we are human and it helps us to have support and to have someone safe to bounce ideas off of.

Because we are attorneys and think differently – which is some of the problem.

So, who is coaching for?

Take action now!

If you are at all interested in learning more, I would invite you to experience a “mini” coaching session with me.

It is complimentary and NOT a sales call.

It is simply a 20-min deep real conversation to see if you are the kind of person who even needs or wants coaching.

Coaching reviews:

I wanted to get some coaching on Imposter Syndrome and complement my other personal growth endeavors.

I liked Brita’s approach, non sales-y demeanor, and realness. I also am part of her Facebook group and like her engagement/advice on there.

Brita was always on time and ready to go. She was always present and listening. She encourages you to challenge your own beliefs and ways to thinking in a way that I have not experienced with other coaches before. She is a great compliment to other personal growths endeavors. I enjoyed our sessions and while they often delved into uncomfortable topics, I looked forward to them every week.

As a result of working with Brita what insight or growth did you achieve? Lots! But I’d say not having to explain my choices to other and, that it’s OK to be selfish.

Brita has changed my life because she’s allowed me to take a step back a reevaluate life in every aspect. Through our work together, I decided to relocate for my mental health and overall wellbeing. The things holding me back were all in my head and the transition was seamless. I have also reevaluated my career goals and definition of success, and have slowed down so that I design my life around the things I love, not just work. She’s really helped me tie together a lot the concepts I learned through traditional therapy, coaching, and professional development.

Brita is a pleasure to work with and well worth the investment. You won’t regret it.
- Crystal
Her coaching is truly life-changing. If you are an attorney, this is an attorney who will be coaching you, and that makes all the difference.
- Marivonne
Your commentary yesterday shook me up in a good way. I am/was heading down a very destructive path. Thank you for articulating it.
- Bill

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