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Personal development coaching is available to individuals who would like to explore how identifying or addressing any particular area of their life.

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Why should you consider coaching?

Because we lie to ourselves all of the time and it is incredibly powerful to have someone lovingly, but firmly question our assumptions and reality.

Because we are human and it helps us to have support and to have someone safe to bounce ideas off of.

Because we are attorneys and think differently – which is some of the problem.

This coaching is for personal development and does not include coaching on flat fees.
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So, who is coaching for?

Take action now!

If you are at all interested in learning more, I would invite you to experience a “mini” coaching session with me.

It is simply a 30-min deep real conversation to see if you are the kind of person who even needs or wants coaching.

Coaching reviews:

Thank you Brita Long for making us see what we always knew but never acted upon. Thanks for constantly reminding us to to be kind to ourselves.
- Muhammad
Brita has helped me tremendously with my obsession of having too many jobs. During the weekly calls, we identified where this issue likely stemmed from and worked through it. She’s helped me realize how valuable my time and services are and I have begun to charge clients accordingly. Most importantly, Brita has done a fantastic job with assisting me in overcoming my fears and I am now working in my own firm full time.
- Kristal
My win for the week: I pealed off the band-aid...I had a consultation today where I did not offer the option of hourly OR flat fee. Flat fee only baby! Thanks so much Brita for pushing me during our coaching session today - it gave me the confidence I needed!
- Cindy
Professional win: I had a great conversation with an attorney who I worked with years ago who was quite irascible and sharp elbowed with me. Sadly in that prior case I sunk to his level and took his bait. This time I saw him coming and decided I am going to control the dynamic. I have been pleasant and factual no matter what he tries to do to rile me up. This week we actually had a productive conversation and he was very pleasant as well.

My transition to flat fees and the work on BOUNDARIES that you have guided, Brita is transforming my approach to clients and opposing counsel and therefore making me not just a happier attorney but a better attorney.

I feel so much gratitude.
- Beth
I hated practicing law. I was looking to transition to another career. However, after working with Brita, I learned that it wasn't the actual practice of law that I hated. I didn't like the area of law that I was practicing in. Brita helped me narrow down my focus and learn what exactly I enjoy when it comes to working with clients and guided me with shifting my focus. Brita is brutally honest, open and knowledgeable. I enjoy getting up and working with my clients everyday. I highly recommend Brita for business and career coaching. Thanks to her, I am pursuing my passion and making money while I do it.
- Kim
I wanted to get some coaching on Imposter Syndrome and complement my other personal growth endeavors.

I liked Brita’s approach, non sales-y demeanor, and realness. I also am part of her Facebook group and like her engagement/advice on there.

Brita was always on time and ready to go. She was always present and listening. She encourages you to challenge your own beliefs and ways to thinking in a way that I have not experienced with other coaches before. She is a great compliment to other personal growths endeavors. I enjoyed our sessions and while they often delved into uncomfortable topics, I looked forward to them every week.

As a result of working with Brita what insight or growth did you achieve? Lots! But I’d say not having to explain my choices to other and, that it’s OK to be selfish.

Brita has changed my life because she’s allowed me to take a step back a reevaluate life in every aspect. Through our work together, I decided to relocate for my mental health and overall wellbeing. The things holding me back were all in my head and the transition was seamless. I have also reevaluated my career goals and definition of success, and have slowed down so that I design my life around the things I love, not just work. She’s really helped me tie together a lot the concepts I learned through traditional therapy, coaching, and professional development.

Brita is a pleasure to work with and well worth the investment. You won’t regret it.
- Crystal
Your commentary yesterday shook me up in a good way. I am/was heading down a very destructive path. Thank you for articulating it.
- Bill
Working with Brita helped me with imposter syndrome and overall courage. I tweaked my pricing and sales process with Brita's help. In a short few weeks, I was able to reach my highest revenue month to date! Brita is compassionate, but holds your feet to the fire. If you are ready for reach change, hire her today!
- Ifeoma
Before working with Brita, I had issues I didn’t even know I had. I was undercharging, taking on cases that made me miserable, and handling many aspects of my practice from a place of fear. Her coaching has gone well beyond helping me to fully implement flat fees.

I chose Brita as the first coach I’ve ever invested in because something about her temperament just clicked for me. My instincts about her were spot on because she does an excellent job of reading between my lines and calling me out, but in a way that’s productive for me. Also, the whole group of alumni is incredibly supportive and we learn from each other.

Brita showed me what my subconscious fears are surrounding money, why my practice was causing me so much stress and anxiety and how to alleviate all of it. I have completely stopped taking hourly clients, I have stopped taking clients I don’t even want that I used to take because of fear. I’ve significantly reduced procrastination, I’ve gained confidence, and I’m making more money in less time. I have significantly improved my time management, marketing, client screening, retention and of course PRICING.

I’m much less stressed about work, and I’m able to mentally leave work when it’s time to play.
- Carrie
Working with Brita has been a great learning experience that has helped me grow both professionally and personally. The course was quite eye-opening and it forced me to step out of my box and tackle the self-made obstacles that were hindering professional growth. Every lawyer still stuck billing hourly needs to take this course. It is invaluable.
- Susana
What can I say? Brita has opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed. During the first weeks, my earnings doubled. Not because I started charging a lot, or signed a bunch of new clients, but because I realized I was under-valuing myself. I was failing to appreciate the real value of the work my clients receive and I actually provide for them. After 14 years of a tiresome and, an imposter syndrome driven practice, I am rediscovering the love for my work. I am definitely a Happier Attorney. Thank you, Brita,
- Sonny
Please take Brita Long's course on flat fees. Those of you who live in states like VA or TX where there are specific Bar rules, will be provided with the contractual language necessary that complies with your state bar rules.
- Kellye
I am really feeling good about life. And so grateful to your and your group for showing me my work life doesn't have to suck the life out of me and make me cry.
- Beth
Brita Long thanks to you for nudging me to get the right mind set. Since your coaching, I've now taken more days off to spend time with Lily than I did my entire career prior to that. Thanks Hefe.
- Muhammad
I consulted with Brita due to arriving at a career and life crossroads. After 40 years in the legal community as a manager and practicing attorney I needed to do something else instead of just retiring. I am too young to retire and too old to work the typical lawyer 60-70 hour work week.

There are so many choices available that I needed to speak with someone who was unbiased and had experienced a similar life transition. Brita was a complete stranger to me, but my wife knew her from attending The Happier Attorney training.

Brita forced me to confront my assumptions about myself including what really was the definition of success and satisfaction within my life. She challenged my thoughts, definitions and responses to questions that forced deeper examination of myself and the way I truly feel about what is required in today's world.

I am now working part-time as an attorney while studying to make a complete transition outside of the legal profession.

Without Brita's advice and support I doubt that I would have the courage or taken the opportunity to undertake these new ventures.
- Bill
After years in the rat-race of corporate America, Bill started his own law firm and was proud of his accomplishments. COVID and retirement was a double whammy that made him feel like he was adrift and without purpose. I could already see a shift after his first meeting with Brita. His mood lifted as he started to think about abandoned goals from his past. He really respected her challenging approach and was more introspective than he had been in years. Thank you, Brita, for helping him and helping us.
- Miriam
Her coaching is truly life-changing. If you are an attorney, this is an attorney who will be coaching you, and that makes all the difference.
- Marivonne
I highly recommend Brita! Her program will definitely teach you how to transform your practice by using flat fees but it really is so much more than that. Brita has a unique way of seeing right into where your struggles with your practice and, frankly, your life, are really emanating from. She cuts straight to it but in the most supportive and caring way. You never leave a Brita with wondering what she meant or what you were supposed to get out of it. You will know and you will gain insight – each and every time. Brita is a practice changer but she is also a life changer. You will also meet and get support from the most honest, transparent and supportive group of attorneys. Real people without pretense – just like Brita.
- Stephanie

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