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The Happier Attorney Course

The complete method of using flat fees to begin, within two weeks, to produce an amazing work product, work far less double your income.

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Lessons with examples, workbook and Ebook

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Actionable lessons with a 'no-fluff guarantee'

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Course Description

The Happier Attorney is your complete step-by-step guide to charging flat fees. The program is broken into phases and I, Brita Long, will walk you through each step. I will show you what hourly billing is really costing you in terms of time, money, stress and quality of life, how to set your flat fees, how to ethically deal with any issues that arise, how to focus and greatly increase your productivity, and how your work product will improve using flat fees.

Your Time is Money and Money is Time.

I designed this course to be as efficient as possible. You can complete the entire course in under 3 hours.!!!! 

Here is what you will get by using my method:

  • Far less time working
  • Income potential of up to 3-4 times what you can earn now.
  • Happier clients
  • Happier staff
  • Far less hassle and no wasted time.
  • Better work product
  • A happier life
The Happier Attorney Handbook
The Happier Attorney Handbook

When deciding to purchase course ask yourself the following:

Am I more likely to say?

I wish I hadn’t


I’m glad I did.

I can promise that you won’t say you wish you hadn’t.   

I promise that if you do the small amount of work in the course, your course will pay for itself both in time and money within the first few weeks, if not first week.
- Brita Long

Course Curriculum

About the Course

  • Who this course is designed for.
  • How to get the most from the course.
  • Who am I, Brita Long, and my experience using flat fees.
  • Your research.

Hourly vs. Flat Fees

  • What hourly billing is costing you in terms of time, money, and frustration.
  • Comparing income potential and time of using hourly fees vs. flat fee billing.
  • Why hourly billing is harmful to clients and attorneys and why we are still using it.
  • The problems with hourly billing.
  • How flat fee billing is better for clients, better for staff, better for attorneys and produces a higher quality work product.

Flat Fees and Clients

  • Why clients love flat fee billing.
  • Handling common issues involving flat fees.
    • Client fires you or you want to fire client.
    • Client has sticker shock.
    • Client disappears.
    • You miscalculated the fee.

Elements of Flat Fees

  • Essential elements of flat fees.
  • The how-to’s of flat fee billing.
  • What ethical flat fee billing is and is not.
  • Time Management tools to focus, get great work done, and get out of the office.
  • How are flat fees working for you?
  • Action Plan

Using Flat Fees

  • What to charge.
  • How to communicate about flat fees.
  • How to use flat fees even in litigation, including family law litigation.
  • How to begin using flat fees.
  • Fee agreements with flat fees.

The Course Includes

  • Videos
  • Workbook
  • Fee agreement examples
  • Communication examples
  • Ebook

We have a 14 day, no questions asked, return policy. We believe that the vast majority of attorneys are honest and will not abuse this return policy.

WARNING:  You as a licensed attorney are responsible for knowing your state’s rules of professional conduct in regard to flat fees. 

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The complete method of using flat fees to begin, within two weeks, to produce an amazing work product, work far less double your income

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