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Hi, I’m Brita Long and I am an attorney, Amazon bestselling author, teacher/coach, entrepreneur and all-around happy person.

Brita Long - Writer. Speaker. Attorney. Teacher
Brita Long - Writer. Speaker. Attorney. Teacher
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The Happier Attorney Courses

The complete method of using flat fees to begin, within two weeks, to produce an amazing work product, work far less double your income.

The Happier Attorney is your complete step-by-step guide to charging flat fees. The program is broken into phases and I, Brita Long, will walk you through each step. I will show you what hourly billing is really costing you in terms of time, money, stress and quality of life, how to set your flat fees, how to ethically deal with any issues that arise, how to focus and greatly increase your productivity, and how your work product will improve using flat fees.

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If you would like more information about whether you might be a good fit to work with Brita and vice versa and if she can help you move to flat fees or use flat fees more efficiently, click here to book a call with brita.

Change your practice and your life

I’ve been an attorney for ten years, licensed in three jurisdictions. I’ve been in a law firm, an assistant DA, in-house general counsel, and a solo practitioner. I’ve been searching for a way to make my legal career fulfilling, rewarding, and low stress for the entire time. I’ve dabbled with flat fees here and there, mostly with Estate Planning work, but I’d never really been able to figure it out. The fears kept calling: “What if I don’t charge enough?” “What if they don’t pay?” “I really have no idea how to charge for this case?” “All my clients know is hourly fee billing, they’ll all disappear if I change things so drastically?” “I can’t afford to quote such high prices, can I?”

Those fears are all real. Brita’s course shows you how to overcome those fears. I’ve now been implementing the strategies and techniques that Brita teaches for a few months, and I have been freed from most of those fears. I recently quoted a potential new client my newly figured flat fee, without flinching. Since she’d been referred by a friend, I actually discounted the quote (don’t do that). She frankly and honestly told me she thought that the fee was way too high. This time I didn’t scoot the fee down, or offer some other sort of discount. I stuck with it, and she walked out the door. Of course I found out from my friend that she hired another attorney who quoted her half the fee, but who has nowhere near the experience or understanding of her Estate Planning needs. I hope she doesn’t regret it.

Why do I tell this? Because, without Brita’s course, this lady would be my client. She would be difficult to work for, she wouldn’t value my work, because I didn’t ascribe the proper value to it. You need this course. It will change your practice, and your life.

A.S. | TX

When deciding to purchase course ask yourself the following:

Am I more likely to say?

I wish I hadn’t


I’m glad I did.

I can promise that you won’t say you wish you hadn’t.   

Your Time is Money and Money is Time.

I designed this course to be as efficient as possible. You can complete the entire course in under 3 hours.!!!! 

Here is what you will get by using my method:

  • Far less time working
  • Income potential of up to 3-4 times what you can earn now.
  • Happier clients
  • Happier staff
  • Far less hassle and no wasted time.
  • Better work product
  • A happier life
The Happier Attorney Handbook
The Happier Attorney Handbook
Real reviews

What they say

Thank you so much for putting this course and book together. Your teaching method is effective and engaging. But most, importantly, your method (even just in the beginning of transitioning to exclusively flat fees), has reignited joy in my law practice. I’m still working to customize my fees, but I know that my clients already love the changes, and I’m looking forward to simplifying my life.

Andrew, TX

Using Brita's method is saving me hours and hours of not worrying. I already used flat fees, but I was undercharging. Using Brita's method I am earning $2000 - $4000 more each month.

A., TX

So I took the plunge at the beginning of October and started using Brita's method. I have already met my end of the year (financial) target and there are still two months left. I'm sold. (Family law).

S.W., AZ

I paid for the course x3 with my first client. I have increased my income, a work a whole lot less, and my assistant is happier. The hardest part was taking the leap, but once I did flat fees made everything easier and I am making more money. When I took Brita’s course, in May, my goal was to have both of my children be able to go to private school. I will be able to make private school available in September now.

Carrie, TX

Thank you! I have been wanting to move in this direction for years.


Really excited to implement these ideas!


I feel like I have learned so much that is easy to apply to move forward from some flat fees to all flat fees. 


I would recommend other attorneys take this course. I already use flat fees but since taking the workshop I am far more comfortable using flat fees in larger and more complex cases. Now I feel I have the tools with which to do so well and ethically. The course went over a lot of details that I hadn’t thought of. The course also provides many real-life examples of the use of flat fees. In regard to the time management tools I learned I am most excited to start using the 90-minute jam sessions to be able to concentrate and get work done without distractions. I have a new sense of clarity on what I want in my practice going forward. This course is absolutely worth the money spent on it.


Things are going well after attending the course. We have increased our fees as we had not been charging enough and are now using flat fees in family law cases. I have confidence now that we can use flat fees well and ethically, even in more complex cases, with this method. Our practice is simpler now and billing is so much easier. Using flat fees has also helped to have clearer client expectations from the beginning.


Brita’s advice has been fantastic and going flat fee in my practice has helped me and my practice grow tremendously!


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