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Brita Long - Writer. Speaker. Attorney. Teacher
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Change how you think and change everything about your life.

Most importantly, change how you feel about yourself. Your “success” – however you define it – as well as your overall satisfaction and happiness in life, is largely dependent on your mindset. This is not positive thinking nonsense. It is about truly understanding your brain, your thoughts, your feelings, and how they impact everything about your life.

In our intensive six-month program, we delve into how we think, how we lie to ourselves, how and why we self-sabotage, and most importantly, how to change our thinking in order to know yourself better and improve your life.

This personal development program is for the select few attorneys who are ready to be honest with themselves and improve any area of their lives. It does not deal directly with flat fees.

The personal development program is only offered twice per year and is limited to ten participants each time it is offered.

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