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I’m love sharing insights that help individuals reshape their lives in alignment with their true selves and aspirations. My two signature talks dive into crucial aspects of personal growth.

Be part of a transformative event that guarantees a memorable and positive impact

Rest assured, your audience won’t be bored. They’ll encounter stimulating information and thought-provoking questions, ensuring a memorable and positive experience.

Signature Talks

Navigating Wealth with Authenticity:

Personal Development for High Net Worth Individuals.” This insightful discussion addresses unique challenges faced by those with substantial wealth, such as managing envy and virtue signaling, establishing identity beyond financial status, building genuine relationships, raising well-adjusted children, and finding fulfillment beyond financial success. Brita will guide participants on acknowledging these challenges, maintaining internal health, and cultivating self-respect and self-love, making this talk interactive and deeply engaging.

From the inside out, why personal development matters:

Delve into the importance of personal development as the most significant work one can undertake in a lifetime. Emphasize the connection between internal alignment and the life one envisions. Everything stems from within, making personal development the key to transformative change in every aspect of life.

What others are saying…

Your commentary yesterday shook me up in a good way. I am/was heading down a very destructive path. Thank you for articulating it.
Brita makes you look at your own stuff and how those issues are affecting you in your daily life.
Thank you Brita Long for making us see what we always knew but never acted upon. Thanks for constantly reminding us to to be kind to ourselves.

Be part of a transformative event that guarantees a memorable and positive impact

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Unlock Your Best Self Every Day!

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